Dexter Gordon


Dexter Gordon “Daddy Plays The Horn”,  Recorded 1955 

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(Dexter Gordon “Father of the Tenor Sax)

Dexter Keith Gordon was born on February 27, 1923 in Los Angeles, California. Aside from being one of the tallest musicians during the ’50s Jazz Era, Dexter Gordon was also referred to as the “Father of the Tenor Saxophone” and the first musician to translate the language of Bebop to the tenor saxophone. Gordon’s 1956 release of “Daddy Plays the Horn” is a half-dozen sides of Gordon’s emotive expressions all of which embrace the warmth of his tenor & sensual phrasing.

His broad legendary sound is widely remembered for it’s sense of style, sophistication and tremendous magnetism. His music influenced jazz fans and the collective psyche of American pop-culture; breathing life into the terms “cool,” “hip,” and “slick.”